Theresa Timony

Roots and Blooms Health


Our Ideal Customer
My ideal customer is anyone struggling with stress, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or headaches, PTSD, early cognitive decline, concussions, bipolar spectrum disorders, autistic spectrum struggles, OCD, schizophrenia, etc. They come to me to find ways to diagnose physiologic imbalances and treat them with medications and/or more natural approaches.

I often get referrals from therapists, primary care physicians, specialty physicians, or professionals.

About Us
Stress can build until it alters our sleep, hormones, neurotransmitters, and eventually our mental and physical health.

Sometimes taking prescription medication can help, but often times it is not the whole answer, or other approaches provide profound healing so that medications become unnecessary.

Functional Medicine is an approach that looks for ways to balance our physiologic systems so our body can heal itself, and we can transform into the best version of ourselves.

I provide an individualized approach which depending on each person’s needs and interests may include: labs or genetic testing to assess root causes for your symptoms, medication management, supplements, breathing or concentration exercises to switch your nervous system out of a chronic stress state into a calm and clear state, exploring how certain foods or things in your environment are increasing inflammation and decreasing your immune system, and going at a pace and direction that feels manageable to you at this time.

I have also been trained by a well-respected neurologist in an innovative way to treat sleep struggles.

How We Got Started
I found that getting to the root cause and finding ways to assist the body to heal itself, allowed for much more powerful healing and healthier outcomes then just taking medications based on symptoms.


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