Tammy Wyels Cabrera

TWC Counseling, LLC


TWC Counseling is owned and operated by Tammy Wyels Cabrera MSW, LCSW. Tammy originally received her master’s degree in social work specifically to work in hospice care. Tammy has had the honor of providing care and counseling to clients of all ages facing a terminal disease – from infancy to centenarians – for over 25 years and is known as an expert in the field. This experience has allowed her to empathetically hear stories of triumph and survival, family blessings and struggles and she has witnessed hope, faith, and miracles even in the darkest of hours.

Using this experience, Tammy has created an independent counseling practice to further connect and build relationships with clients. Tammy’s focus is to help motivated clients identify problems that are disruptive to their normal day to day functioning, fulfilling relationships, happiness and positive self-worth.


4111 E Valley Auto Dr Suite 201
Mesa, AZ 85206